First article

This is the first article of this blog. Here, I will talk about my first contact with WordPress.

This website is hosted by OVH on a shared server. This configuration suggests the website can't access to the totality of the server capacities. This isn't a problem because this website dones't need a large bandwidth, and the allocated memory space for this website seem sufficient.

WordPress was installed by a service of OVH, so there is nothing to configure. WordPress is a blogging tool which allows to manage a website. It proposes many themes, many website appearances. After many tests, I have chosen the default theme (Twenty Fourteen) because I think it correctly uses the screen (the header is small). However, I have modified two parameters of the formatting of the page. First, the maximum width of the page was 1260px. I have deleted this limit to force the full-page for screens which have a bigger resolution. Second point concerns the text formatting: I prefers 'adjusted' texts.

I have also tested plug-ins to display my Curriculum Vitae, but I wasn't convinced by these tools. Today, I use a PDF viewer, but I search a best way (maybe with style sheets).

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