Importation & Adaptation of the previous project.

This is just an update about the progress of the project. Many parts of the previous project have been imported in the new one.

So there are a new available module using the OpenSceneGraph library. It is composed of specific objects:

  • Viewer3D: Display an OpenSceneGraph scene.
  • OsgReader: Load a file using osg mechanism (osgDB::ReadNodeFile function).
  • LDrawReader: LDraw files are commonly composed of many files inclusions, OsgReader can't load included file and only manage direct geometry parts. So LDrawReader assembles structures of the object.
  • OsgObject: this is a simple access to an osg::Node.
  • OsgObjectWithDisplayAccess: this is an access to an osg::Node and it allows to update Viewer3D.
  • OsgTree: this displays the tree of an osg::Node on a BaseObjectTreeWidget using OsgBase object.
  • OsgBase: It corresponds to an osg::Node and its children correspond to children of the osg::Node.
Imbricable project with the openscenegraphmodule
Imbricable project with the openscenegraphmodule

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