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Eh, what's up, doc?

Yesterday, I carried through the last step of my thesis.
Now, I have the grade of Doctor. Even if the context of the thesis concerns the medicine, I'm not able to advise you about drugs. I have worked about a subject which mixes computer sciences, mechanics (solid and fluid) and surgery applications. The aim was to provide a numeric method to couple two thin layers of solid model (biological tissue) and a film fluid. The method uses a prediction of the fluid-solid interface during the fluid pressure computation.

The first application concerns a step of the cataract surgery: the hydrodissection. It consists to inject fluid between the lens and its membrane and split them. The following step, the surgeon destructs the lens and replace it.

The second application concerns the reconstructive surgery: the lipofilling. It consists to inject fat under the skin to modify the shape of the body. The first video concerns a simulation of a facial lipofilling (case of Parry-Romberg disease), the second video concerns a plectus excavatum.

Another possible application of my coupling model is the case of the endoscopic surgery. Many times surgeons need to remove tumor in the digestive tract. So they inject a fluid between layers of tissues to deform them. The fluid becomes solid, so the surgeons can cut the tumor and avoid perforating walls of the digestive tract.