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Tanned Dinosaure

A few years ago, my sister given me a wooden dinosaur skeleton. After some thinkings, I have chosen to make an original thing. I don't know if it's really original or not, but I have imagined that the skeleton shines in the dark. Nevertheless, my aim was to avoid to illuminate nearby objects. So I have used fluorescent paintings on the bones which and I have lighted up the dinosaur with ultra-violet light. This is absorbed by most of the material and it reflects on fluorescent objects.

I have bought a set of four fluorescent paintings (yellow, green, blue and red/orange). If my first intention was to use an unique color, I have hesitated to chose one of them. I was worried, because I couldn't predict the result: yellow and green colors seem me too common, blue and red might be too dark. So I have used green, red and blue. Now, I think blue color is the worst choice because difficult to see.

The base is a wooden box modified and painted with metallic color. I have installed four LEDs with reflectors on each corner. I have added a special plaster to create a ground with volcanic appearance. This is a plaster for model railroading with a granite texture.

The electronic is composed of a micro-controller, a voltage regulator and diodes. I have used Pulse-Width-Modulation to obtain a smooth evolution of the light intensity.